About The Program

11898668_1159182510765506_3138304523821138976_nThe Delaware County Master Gardener Association was started in 1989. The goal of the association is to extend Purdue Universities Extension Services by providing educational programs to the public in the area of home horticulture.

Membership is open to anyone who has completed the Master Gardener training or is currently enrolled in the program and who has completed their volunteer hours. Throughout the year, the DCMGA holds monthly meetings with guest speakers, has interactive kids activties and is available to answer questions at the farmers market.


  • Farm Fest- HC Cross
  • Future Gardeners Camp- Lisa Brown, Pat Sickmann, Dottie Kreps
  • Garden Fair- Dottie Kreps and Nancy Reynolds
  • Garden Walk- Nancy Miller and Beverly Reece
  • Living Lightly Fair- Becky Byrum
  • Mini Master Gardeners- Sandy Kreps, Sarah Kreps, Christy Faber
  • Plant Sale- Nancy Reynolds
  • Newsletter- Kyle Koger


  • President- Dottie Kreps
  • 1st Vice President- Sarah Kreps
  • 2nd Vice President- Mary Ippel
  • Secretary- Deanna Hines
  • Treasurer- Kate Bell
  • Historian- Nancy Miller

Directors At-Large

  • Judy Turner
  • Barry Turner
  • Kathy Hutson